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Our history

Red Sky began as a desire in the summer of 1992 when friends Brian Kennington and Terry Kirby began discussing the idea of opening a restaurant and bar with live entertainment upon graduating high school. The idea continued to grow as the years passed and more experience was gained through college.

After graduation and a couple of years in the corporate world the idea became even more appealing. Brian and Terry set off for Hilton Head to gain the final pieces of experience needed to open their own venture. Here they helped develop and open their first restaurant from the ground up, albeit for someone else. The years passed and the concept that was to become Red Sky was born. In the winter of 2008 they inked the papers that made Red Sky a reality.

At the heart of the business is people with a passion for creating an environment where everyone who comes through the doors always feel better on their way out than when they came in. Red Sky's mission is to deliver an exceptional social experience through wonderful food, service, and entertainment. This is accomplished by Brian's passion for creating food that is unique, simple, and with flavors that cross the spectrum of many regions and cultures. As Chef Brian says, "My greatest satisfaction is creating food for others to enjoy." Terry's true passion lies in service. "There is nothing more rewarding or gratifying than to talk to people in the restaurant, see them smile and have fun, and know that we created an atmosphere that made it all possible."